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whale tail comp 1

On our way in and out of Glacier Bay, we went through a body of water called the Icy Strait and it was a prime waterway for the Summertime-resident humpback whales.  All the pictures I got were from the outside deck of the cruise ship as we didn’t go on any specific whale watching excursions.

Still, I think we were very lucky in that, not only did we see a LOT of whales (too many to count but definitely triple digits) but, especially on the way out, we got some to come very close to the ship.

It’s pretty easy to lose perspective on the size of these magnificent creatures when you are 12 stories up on a 900 ft boat but they were still incredible.  We were also treated to a couple of breaches near the ship which, apparently, is very rare up here in Alaska.  Breaching is a common occurrence down in the waters of Hawaii (where these same whales spend the winter) but the rangers on the ship said it is very uncommon in this area.

I was even lucky enough to be quick on the draw with my shutter and caught the air-devils in the act.

whale breach comp 2

All the whale pictures can be viewed here.

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