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Alpine Laundry


Our apartment on Lake Como was the first place we had a washing machine and we were desperately in need of it by the time we got there.  Had Clare and one of her neighbors not helped us out a bit in Brighton we never would have made it that far.  However, the machine we did have was quite small and there was no dryer.  So, we had to do a load of laundry each morning we were there and get it out on the line to dry during the afternoon sun.  Not a bad setting to lay out clothes though…

We enjoyed our time on Lake Como.  We squeezed in one more country by driving over to Lugano Switzerland one day, spent another day at a great beach/pool complex right on the lake, ate dinners outside, played putt-putt, had way too much gelato and just generally hung out. 

Unfortunately, we did have a bit of a stereo-typical “French” experience with the people (even though it was Italy).  It seemed like about 75% of the people we encountered were really not happy we were there.  Oh well, we still had a good time.  I must say that we did not encounter even the slightest bit of that for our entire time in France.  I think having a beautiful woman who speaks French with you makes a big difference but, in any case, our experience with the locals was nothing but entirely pleasant in France.  Maybe we were just in a bad part of Italy or caught them on a bad week.

Our pictures from Como/Lugano can be viewed here.

July 31, 2009   3 Comments