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Mas Laurent

DSC_0046  At every stop along the way, there has been at least one person, place or event that has touched our lives and been worthy of mention.  Such is the case with Mas Laurent, our chambre d’hote (bed & breakfast) in Provence, and it’s Australian proprietors – Deborah and Tim.

Located in Uzes, a lively village filled with a plethora of artisans, shops, restaurants and bi-weekly markets in the hills of Southwestern Provence, Mas Laurent sits just a couple of kilometers outside of town, amidst fields of sunflowers, corn, and vineyards.

The setting is beautiful, and the property – an old stone farmhouse, even more so.  Although the Mas has been in operation for a number of years, Deborah and Tim purchased the property this past winter and have now lovingly restored and adopted it as their new home.


Originally from Perth, Deborah shared with me her long-term dream of living in the south of France and running a chambre d’hote.  With seven children between them, now all grown, she proposed the idea to Tim, half expecting him to tell her she’s crazy.  Instead, he simply said, “Why not?  Life is short.”

Less than two years later, after the various trials and tribulations that come with acquiring a visa to live in France as a non-European (the French Government apparently only issues 5 visas a year to Australians), they had their beautifully restored farmhouse in hand, ready to hang up their shingle.


Lucky for us, despite our late planning, providence intervened and we found Deborah, Tim and the Mas under “˜new listings’ at one of the many B&B sites I had frequented in the weeks prior.

With two visits to Provence within the last five months and two searches for the perfect spot to rest my head for an evening or two, I am now batting a perfect average.

Here’s a toast to hamlets and havens, wherever they might be found…

You can check out Tim and Deborah’s place here and our Provence pictures here.

July 24, 2009   3 Comments