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Ciao Venezia

Well, something had to give and it was Venice.  With the time we have and the travel time involved in Greece, we’re going to have to skip Venice this time around.

Instead, we will fly directly from Milan to Santorini on July 30th (after Lake Como).  So no slow boat down the coast either but we will be taking ferries between Isles and to Athens. 

You know Santorini.  Its the island you see in every picture of Greece – with the incredible sunsets over the cliffs with the blue-domed church…


Anyway, skipping Venice allows us to spend a couple of days here and then also go to a more quiet, non-touristy Greek Isle – Sifnos.

It should be awesome and now, I think, we’ve got everything completely planned – as far as travel and where we will stay.  Next is to nail down the things we actually want to see and do while we’re in these places.

June 24, 2009   Comments Off on Ciao Venezia