The Reed Family's Travel Adventures
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To begin our adventure in Alaska, we flew into Fairbanks.  Getting there was a bit of an adventure in itself — I forgot our passports and had to have Sharon drive them up to the airport and our plane was late, causing us to miss our connection and get in a few hours later than we were supposed to.  And, don’t even talk to me about baggage handling on one of these cruisetour things…

But, we got there with plenty of daylight (they had about 22 hours of it the day when we were there) and got to do two fun things in this interior city of the north.  We went to the Museum of Alaska which is on the campus of UAF (University of Alaska Fairbanks) and we went on a three hour river boat ride to an old native village.  I also almost lost Michael when trying to get a picture of the kids by the river where our little motel cottages were.  He took a step back and found out the grass was actually covering the four foot drop down the river bank.  He didn’t go in and we all had a good laugh over it.

The museum was fun and DSC_0157informative but the river boat was the highlight of this particular day.  We saw a demonstration of a float plane taking off and landing right next to us, met and pet real Iditarod dog sled dogs, and saw the way native Alaskans lived in this wild place both before and after contact with the Western world (although, I was puzzled by that description of civilized influence, considering the Alaskans were about as far west as you can get…).  All in all, a very successful one day stay in Fairbanks.




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