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The New Plan

We’ve finally figured out a big enough chunk of our new plan that I just plunked down the cash (CC, actually) for most of the travel tickets.  So, this time, it’s personal…

Seriously, looks like we’re actually going to do this.  Here’s what it looks like at this point:

London – Jul 7-10

Departing Charlotte on July 7th and arriving in London on the morning of the 8th.  This overnight plane jaunt will be a great “full-body” immersion for the little ones.  They’ve always been great travelers but this will be the true test.  We’ll spend three nights in London seeing all the sights there and then take the train to Woking. 

Woking/Cobham/Stonehenge – Jul 11-12

Two nights in Woking where we’ll rent a car and visit Sharon’s old home and school and then take a day-trip out to Stonehenge.

Brighton – Jul 13-14

We’ll turn in the car (’cause I want to drive as little as possible in England, thank you very much) and take the train again to Brighton and stay a couple of nights with Sharon’s childhood friend “Blue” and his family.

From there, we take off for the meat of our journey.  Here’s a picture of what it looks like:


We’ve tried to design a fairly straightforward traversing of Europe that encompasses England, France, Italy, Greece, Turkey and Egypt.  All in just under six weeks.  I got tired just typing that… but, really, it’s gonna be awesome :).  Here’s the rest of it:

Paris – Jul 15-17

We’ll take the train from Brighton up to the London TGV station and then get on the high-speed “chunnel” train under the English Channel to Paris.  We’ll spend two full days taking in the normal things there – Eiffel Tower, River Seine, just walking the streets, parks and cafes etc.

Provence – Jul 18-22

Then its hop on the high-speed TGV again and head down to Avignon where we pick up a rental car and head into the South of France with Sharon as our tour guide.  She’s found us a wonderful B&B near Uzes and I think she’s already made friends with the Australian owners.  We’ll be here for five nights checking out the countryside and generally just chilling out.

Nice – Jul 23-24

After the respite in Provence, we’ll take a short train ride down to the French Riviera and spend a couple of nights with the glitterati.  Where, I don’t know yet, but we’ll figure something out.

Lake Como Italy/Lugano Switzerland – Jul 25-29

After Nice we take the train to Milan and get another car and drive up to Lake Como, a resort area on the Swiss border in the Italian Alps.  We’ll spend five nights at what looks like an awesome condo I just found overlooking the lake.  Its up the hill from Managgio so we’ll have to take a car into town but the view looks awesome and it is a centralized location that should let us get to everything in the area pretty easily.

Venice – Jul 30-Aug 1

After the lake district, we’ll drive back to Milan and catch the train to Venice.  We’ll spend up to three nights there (exactly where yet to be determined) and then do something really different…

Greek Isles – Aug 2-6

In Venice, we’ll catch a day and a half ferry ride down the coast ending up in some Greek Isle that we haven’t yet figured out.  Maybe Sifnos…or Santorini.  Depending on how things work out, we may miss out on the long boat trip as I don’t want to spend half my time in Greece on a slow boat to wherever.  It sounds like a neat experience but it may be nicer to just jet on in to Athens and get on with the Greek Isles…which we have to ferry to anyway.

Athens – Aug 7-8

Around the 7th we’ll make our way to Athens and spend a day or so seeing some of the sights there.  Then, on Aug 9th we fly to Turkey.

Istanbul – Aug 9-10

A quick stop in Istanbul because we just had to start cutting back somewhere but didn’t want to completely miss this since we had to travel through here anyway.  We’ll just get to the bazaar and a mosque or two probably but we’ll see what we can before we catch a plane to Cairo on the 11th.

Cairo – Aug 11-15

Five nights in Cairo should allow us to see all there is to see there and maybe make a day trip up to Alexandria if the mood strikes us.  Then, on Aug 16th we start the journey home.

Home via London – Aug 16-17

We fly back to London on the 16th, spend the night there and catch an early morning flight back to the states and something like a day and a half later to our bodies – but only a few hours on the clock – we’ll arrive back home the evening of the 17th.

So, there it is.  Still with a few large holes as far as where we’ll stay but all the travel – except for the ferry ride to Greece – is booked so those dates are pretty solid.

This trip is nowhere near as long but will be more hectic than our original around the world plan.  It should have a great mix of culture and relaxation and, I’m sure, its share of trials and tribulations.  But, we’re all excited about it.  Wish us luck.

P.S.  I took the liberty of subscribing to this blog everyone who was subscribed to our 300 Days site.  If you don’t wish to follow our abbreviated journey, you can simply un-subscribe.

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