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The Boat

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And then we got to the most anticipated moment of the trip…

We came through a tunnel in the mountain and there it was – the boat.  Well, more of a massive luxury hotel/resort/shopping center/fun zone on the water.  I’ve never been much of a cruiser (actually, this was my first) but my Mom knows how to cruise.  This ship was gorgeous inside and out.


The kids were in awe.  Grammy had arranged for adjacent mini-suites that connected via the balcony and the accommodations were top-notch.  We had all kinds of restaurants, grills and snack bars as well as a 24-hour buffet, four different kids clubs, a game room, shops, theaters, etc. but the number one attraction as far as the kids were concerned…


…the pools.  There were two main ones – an outdoor one (that was good for the sunny days) and one that was covered for the couple days when it was cool and misty.  We could be gliding right by a huge glacier or a pod of whales and the kids were like “cool…but can we go to the pool now??”

The ship really was nice.  If you’re gonna cruise, this is the way to do it (with kids anyway).



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