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Train Rides


I got to really like travelling by train during our jaunt across Europe last year.  It’s just a really comfortable way to travel long distances.  We took two trains on this journey – one from Fairbanks to Denali and then again from Denali down to Whittier (the port just south of Anchorage).  The train travel was probably my favorite part of this whole “cruisetour” concoction.


We travelled in double-decker cars with the top portion (where the main seating was) being a full, 180-degree panoramic window.  So, you could just sit back and take in the incredible scenery of the Alaska wilderness as you chugged your way through it.  I do mean chugged because our average travel speed was probably about 35mph (a stark contrast to the triple-digit speeds of the European versions) but, that was the right speed for this particular trip.

Michael and Allison are world-class travelers who rarely complain about any type of transportation, but I think they especially liked the trains as well.  Of course, it couldn’t possibly compare to the boat we were about to get on, but, since we hadn’t seen it yet the train was a grand experience in freedom to roam while we travelled.


I got some of my favorite scenic shots while on the trains.  All the train travel pictures can be viewed here.



1 Grandpa Jim { 07.15.10 at 11:18 am }

You got some very nice pictures. I hope our train experience is as good as yours. AMTRACK may not do as well.

2 Sharon { 07.15.10 at 12:18 pm }

Beautiful pictures, as always… I love the train picture you have posted up top…looks like it could be one of Paul’s paintings!